My career at Choice started in 2012 as a management trainee (at that time the company was named CCUnirent System GmbH). Totally inexperienced, but equipped with a lot of theoretical knowledge, I ended up in the marketing department at first. This was followed by accounting, fleet management and finally the sales team. In the end I got stuck there and ended my trainee program after two and a half years as “Head of Mobility Systems”.

Back then I really would never have thought that I would end up in sales. It was the collaboration with our big customers, our consultation on mobility topics and the exciting process of accompanying an idea from its conception to the finished product that made working in sales so fulfilling. And I enjoy it a lot to this day.

Since 2018 I have been responsible for our “International Business Development”, which has arisen from the demand of our customers in other European markets. What I still love about the job is that no two days are the same and I can and must adapt to new challenges almost daily. This allows me to grow and further develop myself along with my lovely colleagues.

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After studying business administration (with focus on marketing), it was initially difficult to get a job in marketing. I therefore decided to gather experience in other areas. After a few excursions I started in 2008 as a commercial employee in the fleet management department at CCUnirent System GmbH (which transformed into Choice in 2018).

To be honest, as a passionate marketer I was not convinced by the technical challenge of that position, but by the kindness and enthusiasm of my contact persons back then. After some experience in big corporations, I really liked the atmosphere in the medium-sized company with only 12 employees at the time. After a year and a half, I was not only given the chance to switch to the marketing department, but to lead it. For the first time in my career I had responsibility for a department and its employees – that was quite exciting.

Today, my team consists of six people and together we are shaping the look, voice and culture of Choice. The company has grown from 12 employees at the to over 100 now, with six subsidiaries and several foreign companies. To overcome all the new challenges, I had to grow professionally and personally, as did all of my colleagues. I am happy and proud to be part of this positive development of Choice.

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In summer 2016, after acquiring my master's degree in business administration, I started as a project manager at Choice GmbH (back then still named CCUnirent System GmbH). At the time, I consciously chose a medium-sized company because I hoped to have more creative freedom there. After a very short time I already got involved in a large project in which I not only learned a lot, but I was able to work independently to a great extent.

Over time, I acquired knowledge of a specific software that was being used in an increasing number of projects, and thereby gained insights into many different business areas of Choice. When I wanted to take on more responsibility, Choice gave me the opportunity to become a manager. It is a great experience; I am still learning every day and I am supported by many great colleagues.

I still enjoy working at Choice: The team and the friendly atmosphere are unique; the projects and topics are exciting, and I can actually work on the future of mobility. That's great!

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Beatrice Schönmetz
Beatrice Schönmetz
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